Yes, Machine Gun Kelly sniffed and licked fake cocaine off Megan Fox’s chest when they wore Halloween costumes +


So… it happened.

It’s Halloween weekend, which means that many people participate in parties and other festive events. Celebrities also take part in the fun, and they usually wear great costumes, which are published on social networks. A couple from the list of the best Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly were among those who dressed up, and they chose several A+ suits. These two directed Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee and definitely got attention. However, people’s attention was attracted not only by their topics. It was also the fact that MGK sniffed and licked fake cocaine off Fox’s chest while they were in their clothes.

Yes, you read it correctly. Machine Gun Kelly, whose real name is Colson Baker, posted all of this on his Instagram story after the couple came out on Friday. (He also shared a few snapshots.) In the clip, Baker, dressed as the co-founder of Mötley Crüe, first took a dollar bill and sniffed the white powder from his fiancee’s chest.

I know that some people become devoted when they dress up in a certain person’s Halloween costume, but this takes everything to a whole new level. No matter how wild this act was, it quickly ended when the musician licked the remains of a fake cola.

It was an interesting situation, but the couple seemed to live for it. After MGK removed the remnants of the substance, he and his mistress hugged.

The relationship between Megan Fox and Machine Gunner Kelly was, to put it mildly, interesting. The two are known for their unconventional public displays of affection. For example, Fox once pointed a gun at her partner’s crotch, declaring her undying love for him. Meanwhile, MGK revealed that he once stabbed himself trying to impress his lady. By and large, I think their performance with Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee looks quite normal compared to these things. Jokes aside, it seems obvious that Fox and Kelly are doing well as a couple after the breakup rumors.

The stars began dating in 2020 after working together on the film “Midnight in Millet”. MGK and Megan Fox got engaged in January of this year after the songwriter made her a nice proposal. As far as we know, the couple is still planning their wedding, which is reportedly going to be “extravagant and gloomy.” All this time it seems that at least one of them may be ready to take another important step. Fox begged MGK to get her pregnant, responding to one of his recent looks. In any ordinary case, one could say that she was joking, but knowing these two, she could make an honest statement.

What will eventually happen on this front remains to be seen. But now it can be said that the couple definitely won Halloween with their Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee outfits. As long as they stay together, I expect them to continue wearing perfect costumes during the creepy holiday season. Although I’m not sure if any other seizures will involve actions like fake cocaine inhalation and tit licking.


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