Yes, it’s Buzz From Home Alone in Better Call Saul!


Attention: SPOILERS for episode 11 of season 6 “Better call Saul.”

Devin Ratray, the actor who played Buzz in “Home Alone”, appears in the key episode of the 11th episode of the 6th season of the TV series “Better Call Saul” “Breaking Bad”. The episode flashes between the Gene chronology and the “Breaking Bad” chronology when Jimmy, aka Gene Takavich (Bob Odenkirk), embarks on another scam after robbing a shopping center from the previous episode. Reunited with Jeff and Buddy, Jimmy uses Jeff’s taxi and powerful sedatives to carry out a lucrative identity theft scheme.

This is another of Jimmy’s favorite Slippin scams at the bar, where he identifies easy prey and wins their trust over a few drinks. The first victim of Jimmy’s latest machinations with the chronology of genes in the 6th season of the series “Better call Saul” was Alfred Hawthorne Hill, played by Devin Ratray, best known as Buzz in the first two films “Home Alone”. Alfred is a typical bar nerd who mocks Jimmy and persuades him to buy him drinks and embarrass himself at karaoke. He even sets Jimmy’s jacket on fire as they part ways, emphasizing that Alfred deserves what he got and that the actor who once played Kevin McAllister’s bullying older brother is perfect for the role.

link: In the 6th season of “Better Call Saul” there is a wonderful link to parks and recreation areas

The perfect casting of Devin Ratray for the role of the bully from the bar “Better Call Saul” follows the perfect casting of Jim O’Hare from “Parks and Recreation” season 6, episode 10 for the role of the kind and oblivious mall security guard Frank. In the episode where Walt and Jesse from Breaking Bad reappear, the scene with Rattray as Alfred may not seem important. Nevertheless, the connections that in the 11th episode of season 6 “Better Call Saul” are traced between Jimmy’s new identity theft scam and his introduction as Saul Goodman into Walter White’s criminal empire clearly show that the scene between Alfred and Gene is really very important. Devin Ratray’s casting makes it even better, as he has a history of playing bully characters like Buzz “Home Alone” and light labels like his character in 2019’s “Strippers.”

What did Devin Ratray do after “Home Alone”

Devin Ratray’s first role after “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York” was the role of Mickey in the 1993 film “Dennis the Menace”. Mickey isn’t as terrible as Buzz in Home Alone, but as the boyfriend of Dennis’ babysitter (Natasha Lyonne), he resorts to unpleasant tactics to guarantee himself some time alone with his girlfriend. When Dennis keeps ringing their doorbell, Mickey attaches a button to the doorbell, although this is nothing compared to the self-defense tactics used by Kevin McAllister in the Home Alone movies.

After that, Ratray appeared in a number of supporting roles in films and on television, including two different characters in Law and Order ten years apart, as well as different characters in Law and Order: Criminal Intent and Law and Order: Special Corps. He also had a notable role in 2013’s “Blue Ruins” as Ben, a fanatical gun friend of reluctant assassin Macon Blair, seeking revenge. In the same year, the film Nebraska was released, in which he starred with Bob Odenkirk from Better Call Saul. Since Gene’s “Better Call Saul” timeline is set in Omaha, Nebraska, Ratray’s casting for the role of Alfred also seems to be a homage to this film.

Prior to his appearance as Alfred, he appeared as one of the characters in the 2019 Hustle and had a brief recurring role as Tommy Burke in Chicago Med, as well as a more substantial recurring role as Kevin from Foil in The Tick. He later reprised his role as Buzz McAllister in the 2021 film Home Alone, Sweet Home as a long-suffering policeman dealing with the pranks of his now adult brother Kevin. He also played Kevin, Zoey Kravitz’s problematic stalker/savior who risks his life in Steven Soderbergh’s Kimi. Despite still being best known for playing Buzz in “Home Alone,” Devin Ratray’s role as Alfred in “Better Call Saul” is another memorable minor character on the actor’s resume.


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