Yeri’s birthday today, learn about her success story with Red Velvet


Red Velvet’s international fandom got together on social media and celebrated the K-pop idol’s birthday with an online party.

Yeri debuted at age 16, fans became witnesses of her evolution as a person and an artist. Celebrate the Red Velvet member’s birthday by learning about her story.

Kim Ye Rim was born on March 5, 1999 in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Her family is made up of her parents and siblings, who from a very young age inspired her to follow her dreams within the world of entertainment.

In 2011, Yeri joined the SM Entertainment agency as a trainee thanks to an SMTown Global Audition casting, and later served as a member of the SM Rookies project.

Yeri was announced as the new member of Red Velvet after the official debut of the band, the vocalist officially appeared as a member in the MVs of ‘Ice Cream Cake’ and ‘Automatic’.


After her debut on stage, Yeri of Red Velvet began with new facets in hercareer and showed her skills as an MC in different musical programs like ‘Show! Music Core’ and ‘The Visible SM’.

The ‘Bad Boy’ interpreter also ventured into fashion as a model for major world magazines, solo projects and drama actress with Drama Stage’s ‘Mint Condition’.

Through social networks, the Red Velvet fandom created the hashtags #HappyYeriDay, #NuestraAuroraYerim and #ITSYERIDAY where they shared tender messages of love for the minor member of the K-pop band .

ReVeluv published videos, photographs and collages that showed Yeri’s physical evolution , assured that they will continue to support her in her career and celebrate her triumphs. Happy birthday Kim Ye Rim !


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