Yeonjun surprises MOA with his radical makeover


TXT’s Yeonjun changes his look and surprises MOA with his new hair color. The idol of BigHit had a special participation with his peers and BTS in the grand finale of I-LAND, the reality show of his company with Mnet that sought to form the new K-pop boygroup, the idol not only attended to give him his support and welcome to the new trainees, she also decided to show his new image.

Previously, TXT decided to do a live broadcast through VLive, just a day ago, today, the K-pop group together with BTS attended the I-LAND program to witness the final and meet their new teammates. agency, Enhypen, but it wasn’t his presence that caught MOA’s attention, but Yeonjun’s radical makeover. What is hiding?

During the group’s live, Yeonjun wore a woolen hat to cover his pink hair, it was only possible to see his mullet, MOA believed it was his possible new look for the group’s next comeback; However, not even 24 hours passed when the idol showed up with a makeover and decided to dye his hair black. Que????

In social networks, MOA was looking for an explanation of why he decided to change his look from one day to the next, as if Yeonjun’s pink hair had never existed, despite having seen it live, some praised his new appearance, since Yeonjun looked much more intimidating with black hair.

Some fans believe that he could also wear a wig to hide that he dyed his hair for the comeback, although they may have recorded the MV or did the photoshoot for the pthobook and decided to remove the fantasy dye, although MOA thinks he should wear One color after another could damage your hair, as discoloration leaves it sensitive.

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Despite the mystery of his change of look, Yeonjun fell in love with all the MOAs, who were surprised by his image, the idol witnessed the final with his labelmates and witnessed the last tests of I-LAND.

TXT recently revealed that their comeback will take place in the month of October, check out the details.


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