Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser on Why Marrying Beth Is Something “Weird” for Rip


Fortunately, the 5th season of “Yellowstone” will be released without the disturbing confusion that accompanied the premiere of the 4th season, and so far none of the Duttons are afraid for their lives. (Their livelihood is another matter, as Caroline Weaver seeks to destroy everyone’s souls.) Viewers can take comfort in the fact that Rip and Beth start the season stronger than ever as a married couple, and the season 4 finale is dedicated to a fan—favorite couple. at a wedding arranged by a kidnapped priest. I guess most fans are hoping that the difference between husband and wife won’t interfere with their shared perfection, and Cole Hauser and Kelly Reilly have confirmed that this will happen when the new episodes start again, even if the Rip will be a little weird because of part of it.

Speaking to EW in the vaguest terms about where Yellowstone will start its Season 5 stories, Cole Hauser talked about the biggest changes Rip is going through in his life after the wedding, and why the situation seems a little strange to him, at least at the beginning. on. According to him:

The first thing that changed was that he moved into the main house, where he had never been so comfortable. It’s strange to think that John Dutton [Kevin Costner] is actually married to him.

Even for a guy like Rip, who wears his emotions without anger on his sleeve—and only on the least visible part of the sleeve—being in debt to a monolith of a person like John Dutton can have an instant effect on a person, even if John may not necessarily view Rip’s loyalty as paying off a debt. But Rip wouldn’t be anywhere near his current position in life if John hadn’t stepped in and given him a place to live, as well as a wheelbarrow full of tough love. And he certainly wouldn’t be married to the shitty daughter of a rancher.

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Thus, after being kept at arm’s length from John for so many years from the point of view of the “family”, a fully grown Rip should mentally come to the conclusion that he now legally occupies part of a branch of the family tree, even if he and Beth apparently cannot keep this pedigree. And that he’s now settling into the family home, a setting that always keeps him a little on edge, as hilariously shown in full in Season 4 during Carter’s first family dinner. How strange it will be if John forgets about the new living conditions and sets himself up to be caught with any love interest with which he will move forward in the fifth season.

Speaking about the couple’s inability to conceive a child, Cole Hauser talked a little more about Rip and Beth’s early journey in season five and may have been referring to Beth’s teenage trauma and Jamie’s role in it, saying:

In the beginning, there were wonderful moments between the two of us, some things that she’s going through in her past that she has to admit for the first time, and I’m trying to help her get through it.

It’s not exactly the same as Beth turning Jamie over to Rip so her new hubby can beat the shit out of her brother, so maybe it will be another situation from her past that will rise up to change her future. Whatever the outcome, I think we can all breathe together with pure satisfaction, knowing that Rip will be there to do everything Beth needs from him, without thinking about himself first. After all, he may have the honor of being John’s son-in-law now, but that just means John doesn’t have to go so far as to put him in his place if he messes something up.

Much about the new season has yet to be revealed, except that most of the cast will return to find out more, including K’orianka Kilcher, whose lawyer Angela Blue Thunder has not appeared since the end of season 3, as well as a small crop of brand new colleagues. Jimmy and Emily will also return to Montana, but they will have to work hard to be mentioned in the same row as Rip and Beth.

The 5th season of “Yellowstone” debuts on the Paramount Network on Sunday, November 13, at 20:00 Korean time. ET, the same day that Sylvester Stallone’s new drama “The King of Tulsa” debuts for those with a Paramount+ subscription. Go to our schedule of TV premieres to find out what else will appear on the small screen in the last months of 2022.


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