Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser Addresses Theories that Rip’s Gonna Die with a Brief Warning


Imagine the Rip-roaring riots if the show kills him off.

Yellowstone fans can often be a loud group, especially when it comes to talking loudly about which characters absolutely shouldn’t be killed. Every season at the top of that list is Cole Hauser’s Rip Wheeler, whose pedigree, unrelated to Dutton, considered him a potential victim from the very beginning. Not only has he survived for four seasons, but he’s thriving more than ever now that he’s officially married to Beth Kelly Reilly. But for some, it just makes him more expendable, and although Hauser doesn’t go to social media to scroll through posts worrying about Rip, he knows that such disturbing theories exist.

In fact, fans may be warmed to learn that the Yellowstone star has heard about these theories from his mom, who is apparently always aware of such things. And in a conversation TODAY with Carson Daly and Savannah Guthrie, Houser calmed fans’ worries by relaying what he told his mother about Rip’s fate, although it looks like a warning to all other participants of the show in the upcoming fifth season, with the exception of Beth herself. According to him:

My mom told me a couple of them, and I said, “Mom, I’m killing.” Don’t worry about it.” . . I think we’re fine. At the moment.

It is clear that Cole Hauser cannot go out and guarantee that Rip will hold out and survive throughout the Yellowstone run, since co-author Taylor Sheridan is not exactly known for his happy endings. But considering that season 5 was filmed in full, and all the actors and crew know about everything that will happen, the actor knows 100% where his character will be when the season finale comes to an end in 2023. And he wouldn’t lie to his mom, right? I think it would be less ethical to lie to the hosts TODAY about what he said to his mom. But let’s just assume he’s not lying to anyone.

Now Yellowstone viewers already think Rip will be responsible for most of the revenge that comes from the ranch, so it’s no surprise that Hauser was talking about Rip committing “murder,” so to speak. . But season 5 paves the way for the death of a certain person responsible for the sterilization of his foster sister.

Indeed, the western drama seems ready to pull these metaphorical skeletons out of the closet in the near future, and viewers shouldn’t be surprised to see Beth sharing her abortion story with Rip at some point, apparently feeling remorse for not being able to give birth to her husband’s children.. It’s more a question of whether the bearded badass Jamie will get grazed because of this.

Cole Hauser, who noted that he witnessed quite a few Rip Wheeler Halloween costumes, did say in an interview that his character’s concerns in season 5 are more about meeting the expectations that John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner, places on him now that he is part of a real family and lives in the main house of the ranch. Rip’s main goal in life is to continue to prove to John that he made the right decision by taking the young bully under his wing, and it will probably take someone to kill him to prevent this initiation. Let’s hope that death will happen in the text “what happened next” before the closing credits of the series finale.

With a ton of upcoming Yellowstone content coming out, fans can first look forward to the Season 5 debut with an extended premiere on the Paramount Network on Sunday, November 13, followed by the premiere of Sylvester Stallone’s Tulsa King series.


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