Yellowstone: The Similar Cowboy Drama Unfolding on NBC


Yellowstone is the cowboy drama that has been broadcast by the Paramount Network since mid-2018, and which ended with its season 4 on January 2. Production on the upcoming episodes is expected to begin in May with an eye toward a fall release this year.

The series stars Kevin Costner and follows John Dutton, the owner of the largest cattle ranch in the United States who is in permanent conflict with those who want to seize his vast expanses along his borders, which adjoin the Yellowstone National Park, an Indian reservation, and large land developers.

The cowboy drama created by Taylor Sheridan for the Paramount Network, since it first aired it has become one of the most watched shows on television today. Such is the success of Yellowstone, that its creator developed the prequel 1883 which premiered on December 19 on the Paramount + streaming platform, and tells the story of John Dutton’s ancestors.

And it is not satisfied with that, Sheridan is also working on the second Yellowstone spin-off named 6666, also of the Neo-Western genre and which is inspired by the famous ranch he owns called Four Sixes Ranch, which is located in Texas. A series that is in the early stages of development and is coming to Paramount+ any day now.

The truth is that due to its resounding success, Yellowstone is serving as inspiration for other projects of the same genre not only in the mind of Taylor Sheridan, but also outside of Paramount. The broadcast network NBC, commissioned a pilot called Unbroken which will come from the hand of the writer and producer Shaun Cassidy.

According to reports, Unbroken follows a trio of rival ranching families. According to the logline, it reveals that three dynastic ranch families on California’s central coast make love and war in a passionate fight for survival, ultimately setting the stage for a group of fiercely determined young women to win big in the Championship. Rodeo National.