Yellowstone: The drama member who is married to a cowgirl in real life


Yellowstone is the hit cowboy drama starring Kevin Costner that follows John Dutton and his family, a character who owns the largest cattle ranch in America. The series is not specifically characterized by a romantic plot, but it is that plane and that of business, which a member of the program is experiencing in real life.

The series has been airing through the Paramount Network since mid-2018, with a fascinating plot that with each season adds millions of fans around the world, while the characters and stories are immersed in the problems related to the boundaries of the Yellowstone ranch, which are in constant conflict with its neighbors, including a group of natives, the national park that bears the same name, and some land developers.

The drama wrapped up its fourth season in early January. Filming of the fifth installment of Yellowstone is scheduled to begin in May, with the purpose of launching new episodes in the fall of this year. Meanwhile, the prequel 1883 is moving forward with its story on the Paramount+ streaming platform, while other spin-off series about the Dutton family, called 6666 and 1932, are being talked about at the same time.

As it is known, Yellowstone is a drama created by Taylor Sheridan, a man who has been very busy lately as he writes, develops and directs the original drama and its spin-offs, along with the Mayor of Kingstown series also from Paramount +. The actor and producer has multiple projects in development for ViacomCB, also including Land Man, The Tulsa King, and many more.

The truth is, if any Yellowstone fans had any doubts about who Taylor Sheridan is, the 51-year-old is a self-proclaimed cowboy who is married to a real-life cowgirl named Nicole Muirbrook. While the writer and director of the series is in charge of generating the best content on television, his supportive wife runs the business on her ranch.

Taylor Sheridan’s wife is a woman who shares her love of the outdoors and the Wild West. According to Wide Open Country, Nicole Muirbrook grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. She also spent much of her childhood riding horses on her grandparents’ Wyoming ranch. When she was a teenager, she Nicole was discovered by a modeling scout at a local mall. This Nicole told Cowgirl magazine:

“I was very tomboyish. I never wanted to brush my hair, I was always down to earth. Just super tomboyish. And I was like, I don’t know, maybe.”

Some Yellowstone fans may know Sheridan’s wife. Nicole is a famous model whose career has taken her through the catwalks of several major cities around the world since she was 20 years old. She met her husband when he entered the world of acting on the series When I Met Your Mother and Darl Blue. She also appeared in the movies Human Contract and I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell.