Yellowstone Prequel Keeps Casting Top Notch by Adding Former James Bond Star to Villainous Role


Anyone with a Paramount+ subscription should be thrilled with everyone coming out in December, as that’s when Yellowstone fans will see the next big chapter of the prequel in the Dutton family story, Taylor Sheridan’s “1923.” And while it didn’t seem like any other show in this western universe would possibly outshine the A+ flagship cast, still 1923 is doing its best to try. The spin-off is headed by Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, and the growing ensemble has now been replenished with another star partner in the person of former James Bond performer Timothy Dalton.

While film and television audiences may be more used to seeing Dalton take on the roles of the main characters, he’s no stranger to playing villains, and it looks like the Shakespearean theater actor won’t be playing the most touching and life-affirming guy in 1923. Deadline, he will take on the role of Donald Whitfield, who is described as exuding wealth and power, with an appropriate ego. However, what he doesn’t really brag about is a healthy amount of empathy, which played a big role in how he accumulated his fortune.

Whitfield is also known as a vile man who uses intimidation and manipulation to make sure he gets everything he wants. Which just shows you how thin the line is between heroes and villains in Taylor Sheridan’s stories, as it all basically describes John Dutton Kevin Costner and Beth Kelly Reilly, and we can’t get enough of this couple! So maybe I’m just reading it all backwards and Whitfield will actually be best friends with Jacob Dutton from Harrison Ford and John Dutton Sr. from James Badge Dale.

This newest installment of the nascent neo-Western franchise takes place 40 years after Tim McGraw and Faith Hill gave us James and Margaret Dutton in 1883, and Harrison Ford plays the latter’s brother, carrying the family torch. (Presumably, the only link will be Spencer, whom Brandon Sklenar portrays as an adult.) As anyone who reads this knows, the 1920s were a difficult period for many reasons, especially for those who fought for land in Montana, due to financial problems. to health emergencies to water shortages. Adding the dysfunctions of the Duttons and Donald Whitfield of Dalton to the mix only complicates the situation.

1923 was on the break of the casting announcement as production continued. More recently, fans learned that the veteran of “Game of Thrones” Jerome Flynn signed a contract to play the leader of local sheep farmers, and the legend of “Terminator 2” Robert Patrick played a local sheriff, who, no doubt, will have to hide a lot of bloody secrets of Dutton during his tenure. Even though all the new family members are represented, the whole city has yet to be populated, so I hope these casting announcements will continue.

It’s almost surprising to hear that Timothy Dalton has been tied to Yellowstone Verse for an upcoming project, as he has basically limited his career to one project at a time over the years. Prior to his work in the surprisingly wild “Fatal Patrol” HBO Max, the actor regularly starred in the series “Scary Tales” from Showtime, so he is definitely attracted to darker plots on the small screen. However, he also offered voice acting for Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure in 2019-20 and retained his role as Mr. Thorn in Toy Story in the short films and the fourth film. So not everything is so hopeless (patrol) and gloom (patrol).

“1923” will debut on Paramount+ in December, presumably coinciding with the mid-season finale of the 5th season of “Yellowstone,” which recently released its first big trailer. As with 1883, fans can expect to spend the holidays with the Duttons of the past, but head over to our TV premiere schedule for 2022 to see everything else that will appear on the small screen in the coming months.


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