Yellowstone: Drama with Kevin Costner broke record and dethroned HBO’s Game of Thrones


Yellowstone, the cowboy drama that premiered in mid-2018 on the Paramount Network, concluded its season 4 in early January and now the crew and cast of the series starring Kevin Costner are preparing to start the season. production of the fifth installment that will debut in the fall of this year.

The series follows John Dutton (Costner), the owner of the largest cattle ranch in the United States, who remains in constant conflict with his neighbors, a tribe of Native Americans, Yellowstone National Park and companies that intend to take part of the vast tracts of land that have been in the Dutton family for generations.

Yellowstone fans know that one of John Dutton’s big problems is that he doesn’t have enough money to keep his land productive. And while this is what happens in the story that tells the series on the screen, in reality the drama created by Taylor Sheridan and the franchise as a whole, is the one that earned the most money in 2021 thanks to physical and digital sales. .

According to Collider, Paramount Network announced this week that Yellowstone became the biggest television franchise of 2021 by breaking the season 4 Blu-Ray physical sales record in the first week it was released. A feat not seen since the last installment of the fantasy drama Game of Thrones, which had set the latest record.

Yellowstone dethroned the HBO series Game of Thrones in record time in physical sales. Above all, for succeeding in an era where streaming platforms are dominating screens. Recall that Costner’s cowboy series managed to obtain a 104% increase in viewers (8 million) with the premiere of its season 4 compared to the premiere of the third installment, which was 4.2 million.

Season 4 of Yellowstone ended on January 2 and the final episode was seen by 10.3 million people (live and on the same day) on Paramount Network and CMT, this being 79% above the end of the installment. previous which presented a total of 5.8 million viewers only through Paramount Network.

And it is that the success of Yellowstone does not stop, after its first spin-off 1883 recently culminated in Paramount +, the second part of the history of the Dutton family will be portrayed in the 1932 series, both created by Sheridan. Meanwhile, the producer keeps working on a new spin-off series called 6666.