Yellowstone: Beth will never be able to forgive Jamie, says Kelly Reilly


Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly says her character, Beth Dutton, will never be able to forgive her brother, Jamie Dutton, played by Wes Bentley. Beth is a force of nature in Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone, a deeply wounded character, intelligent, ruthless and unforgiving of anything that gets in her way, including her family. Reilly has played Beth, the daughter of Yellowstone patriarch John Dutton (Kevin Costner) since the first season, becoming a fan favorite character who has earned a reputation for not being trifled with.

Beth and Jamie’s troubled history in Yellowstone dates back to their childhood, as seen in flashbacks throughout the show. While Beth continues to bear the burden of her mother’s accidental death, she also harbors a bitter grudge against Jamie, which only gets worse over time. Taking her to an abortion clinic, which left her infertile, Beth accuses Jamie of not being able to have children, which is compounded by Jamie’s actions in adulthood, when he becomes a cheating lawyer (and later attorney general). Beth suspects that he is responsible for the attempt on their father’s life, to whom Beth’s devotion was the main element of her determination throughout Yellowstone. At the end of Yellowstone season 4, Beth sets up-and then blackmails—Jamie to kill his biological father (Will Patton) when it turns out that he is actually responsible for the assassination attempt.

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Speaking to Vulture, Reilly says she doesn’t believe Beth has the ability to ever forgive Jamie. This is especially true given her belief that he conspired to kill their own father. Since Beth is doing everything in her power to support the survival of the Yellowstone ranch while John Dutton is alive, Reilly believes that Jamie’s role in potentially challenging this is not something Beth takes lightly, saying:

“In her opinion, Jamie tried to kill her father. If you think about what this could do to someone like Beth, there is no end point. forgive him.’I don’t think it’s about Beth.’

Jamie was as complex a character as Beth in Yellowstone, and their heated relationship is a key element of the series. Although it took several seasons to finally understand why Beth hated him so much, Jamie only made things worse as an adult; especially after his role as attorney general and the shocking news of his adoption that sent him into a tailspin of wrong decisions. With a new dynamic set at the end of Yellowstone Season 4, as Beth now has proof Jamie killed his adoptive father, the relationship between the two feuding siblings is likely to only get worse. This is especially true given Reilly’s comments, which would seem to rule out a connection between the two.

The Dutton family’s melodrama is one of the things that makes Yellowstone so exciting, and Beth and Jamie’s dynamic is the main driving force behind it. By the end of the 4th season of Yellowstone, the situation had escalated to a boiling point, creating a completely new dynamic for the 5th season of Yellowstone, which is currently being filmed. Said to be the longest season (split into two parts), Season 5 will no doubt continue to explore Beth’s unwavering loyalty to her father, while Jamie continues to corner himself. This could lead to some intense exchanges that could very easily get worse for both characters when Yellowstone season 5 debuts on Paramount+ on November 13.