Yellow Jackets: Yes, Cannibal Girls in Episode 1


Attention! The following contains SPOILERS for the first season of “Yellow Vests”.

In the finale of the first episode of “Yellow Vests”, meat is sliced and cooked over an open fire — could this mean that the survivors are cannibals? Here is an explanation of the Yellow Jackets cannibalism scene. The Showtime series is a coming-of-age and survival story created by Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson, two writers and producers of the popular Netflix series Narco. A killer soundtrack full of 90s rock, Yellowjackets takes on a knockout cast led by Melanie Lynskey, Tony Cypress, Juliette Lewis and Christina Ricci.

The first season of “Yellow Jackets”, the first episode begins with an unidentified girl running through a remote snow-covered desert until she suddenly falls into a death trap. After a violent scene, the show splits its time between the teenage life of a women’s soccer team heading to the national championship in 1996 and the women they become after surviving a plane crash and spending 19 months in the desert. Two important characters in this story are team captain Jackie, played by Sweetbitter actress Ella Pernell, the quintessential “golden girl”, and her best friend Shauna (Sophie Neliss), who secretly sleeps with Jackie’s longtime friend. boyfriend Jeff (Jack DePew).

In the 1st episode of the 1st season of the Yellow Jackets, there are several scenes in which, a few months after the crash, the girls are dressed in furs (which hides their identity) and perform some kind of ceremony. The girls tie up another one by the ankles and cut her throat. Later, large pieces of meat cooked on a spit are shown. This leads to a cannibalism scene in the Yellow Jackets, where teenage girls cut up meat and eat it. This largely indicates that, trying to survive, the girls killed one of their own and eat human flesh in an act of cannibalism.

The screenwriter and the star of “Yellow Jackets” confirmed cannibalism

Ella Pernell gave a vague comment in an interview in which she suggested that the cannibalism scene of the “Yellow Vests” foreshadows what is coming in the future. However, “Yellow Vests” showrunner Jonathan Lisko made a more explicit statement about cannibalism, saying, “The show is not about cannibalism, but about why cannibalism and how cannibalism is.” This makes it clear that yes, in the end, the survivors do become cannibals, as many people already assume in the 2021 version of the show. However, the first season of “Yellow Vests” leaves the question unanswered, only hinting at cannibalism. There are several real stories about similar tragedies in which survivors had to eat human meat to avoid starvation. As in the case of a real plane crash in the Andes in 1972, without vegetation and animals for meat, the only source of food was the frozen bodies of dead passengers.

Why yellow vests are cannibals

One of the conclusions from Jonathan Lisko’s interview was that he put forward the idea that survivors do not resort to cannibalism because of the need for food. In the first season of The Yellow Vests, Lottie predicts that they will no longer starve, and soon after kills a bear that comes to the hut, providing everyone with food. This suggests that to some extent the forest can provide for them without resorting to cannibalism. Instead, Lisko suggests that Yellow Jacket cannibalism may be related to some of the new social phenomena emerging in the group in the wilderness, and is based more on psychological states than physical needs. This coincides with the events of the 9th episode of “Yellow Vests”, “Coming Rock”, in which the team hunts Travis through the forest and almost cuts his throat while high on mushrooms.

Will Jackie be eaten in the Yellow Jackets?

In the finale of the first season of The Yellow Vests, Jackie freezes to death after falling asleep on the street. However, after the harbinger of the “Yellow Vests” cannibalism scene in episode 1, Jackie gets eaten? The second season should clarify whether Jackie is given a proper funeral, thrown somewhere or just eaten. Although it remains to be seen whether Jackie will turn out to be dinner or not, so far the series has done an effective job of telling about the team’s slow descent into madness. So far, Lottie seems to be the most likely catalyst for cannibalism. However, since Taissa’s altar is revealed at the end of the first season of The Yellow Vests, she may also be the culprit.

The likely course of events in the second season will be that the girls will figure out what to do with Jackie’s body. Shona will most likely want to bury her in a makeshift cemetery where other deceased passengers are located. However, at some point the girls will run out of food, and there is no real clue when the events of the first episode will occur in the broader narrative. They may run out of food soon after Jackie’s death, as it was difficult for them to find anything throughout the series.