“Yellow Jackets” has just filmed an adult surprise survivor, and the actor is perfect


Despite the fact that there is no shortage of premium TV content, several new games have become a critical sensation over the past year. The Showtime drama series (which almost got on HBO) “Yellow Vests” fell into this category thanks to its fascinating mystery and outstanding cast. The Yellow Jackets just picked an unexpected adult survivor for season two, and this actor is perfect.

There are two main actors in “Yellow Jackets”: one ensemble plays the titular team trying to survive in the Canadian wilderness in 1996, and the other plays survivors, adults these days. There are several screen icons in the last group, and now another one joins the fun. The actress of the films “The Client is always dead” and “The Servant” Lauren Ambrose plays an adult version of Wang.

This exciting update is sure to turn the heads of many, as it seems to confirm that Liv Hewson’s character ultimately survives in the forest. Lauren Ambrose is a star talent joining the cast, and it should be fascinating to see her play alongside the likes of Christina Ricci, Juliette Lewis and Melanie Lynskey (who has been honest about the body shame she’s experienced since the series aired). Ambrose will be a regular participant in the second season of the Yellow Jackets, and Hewson has also been promoted and will turn from a guest star into a regular player.

It is unknown what Lauren Ambrose will bring to the role of an adult Van, but we saw how the character had a very hard time trying to survive in the forest. In the first season, she survived a plane crash, a devastating wolf attack and almost burned down twice. And this is not even taking into account the future ritual cannibalism that will appear in the “Yellow Jackets”. Thus, Wang must have serious physical and emotional scars from her stay in the forest.

While only a few people survived the first season of the Yellow Jackets these days, it became clear that there were more team members. Fans had a great time theorizing about what happened in the woods and what kind of survivors we could meet in adulthood. And now we know exactly who will share the role of Wang with Liv Hewson.

But now that we know who will be the adult Van, fans are even more wondering who can play another adult character: Lottie. Actress Courtney Eaton played a member of the Yellow Jacket team in the flashback timeline, and the first season finale revealed that she really survived in the woods. Fans have been discussing who can play her, so hopefully some specific information will come sooner rather than later.

It’s currently unclear exactly when “Yellow Vests” will return to Showtime for a second season, but it’s clear that work is underway on the Emmy-nominated series. In the meantime, check out the list of summer premieres to plan the next one. binge watches.


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