Years ago Samsung Galaxy S2 phone Android 11 update


A phone like the Samsung Galaxy S2 that came out years ago can now work with Android 11. It does this with a version based on LineageOS 18.1. The update was released at an early stage, late last year, for brave developers working at the edge of the cut-off for code support. If you still have this device in hand and you trust the developers behind the project, you can safely install this software.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is one of a number of devices that can run on Android 11, the latest version of Android. Google recently released the Android 12 Developer Preview, and currently only Google Pixel device owners can install this version on their devices. On the LineageOS 18 list, which is based on Android 11, there are surprisingly many devices. If you have one of these devices, you may be running Android 11 soon.

We first saw an existing version of LineageOS 18.1 for the average user in December 2020. XDA Developers has made it clear that the Samsung Galaxy S2 is ready to use this software. This makes the Samsung Galaxy S2 the oldest device that can still receive software updates, according to the Android 11 custom ROM list.

Samsung Galaxy S2 settled in this honorable place in early 2020. Until then, the protagonist of software updates was the HTC HD2. It seems that this device eventually went out of life for major software upgrades. Technically, this record was broken when the Galaxy S2 received the Android Marshmallow update in 2019. However, with the arrival of the Android 11 update in 2020, the record was further consolidated.

If there is a Galaxy S2 standing somewhere and you want to see what Android 11 has to offer on this device, it seems worth trying this version. Meanwhile, Samsung recently announced that it will provide update support to Android phone owners for the next four years.


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