Years after buying his house, he discovers a secret room


A landlord is telling the story of his house and giving many people nightmares, after discovering a secret room hidden behind a wall, five years after moving into the property.

In a video shared online, he shows the moment when he discovers that two bricks in a gray stone wall in his dining room can be removed and that they hide a gold twist lock.

Then the door swings open and the hinges rotate, neatly hidden by the rest of the wall, to reveal a closet-sized room they had no idea existed.

“I have been living in this house for 5 years, I never realized there was a secret door that led to a small storage cubicle behind the dining room,” he posted on Reddit.

The story was enough to put many viewers to the limit when they compared it to a horror movie and a “nightmare.”

“Imagine opening it and finding signs that someone has been living there for a long time,” commented one user, referring to the movie Parasites.

The man clarified that he did not find anything interesting inside, “just a broom and dustpan, a bag of concrete, some wooden boards and spare blinds.”


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