Yearn Finance (YFI) Founder Heralds New Projects


Yearn Finance (YFI) founder Andre Cronje said in today’s blog post that he will continue to develop new projects. Saying that he has many more project ideas in his mind now than he did a few months ago, Cronje said that he could not implement them alone and he needed his teammates.

Andre Cronje, who has become one of the most famous names in the cryptocurrency community, resolved some questions about both Yearn Finance and himself in today’s blog post. Cronje talked about what happened in the Eminence incident, what mistakes he has made so far, and how he has followed in developing a project.

People get into it without understanding

Cronje has become known for saying “test in prod” while developing a new project in recent months. Cronje’s making such statements about projects that have not yet been realized and have not been embodied in any way have been reacted by some names. In today’s blog post, Cronje said it was “wrong” to refer to these criticisms and make such statements.

While Cronje said this, he also made some warnings to investors. Cronje said that some people invested in DeFi even though they “did not understand” the incident, and that this could create problems for both the developer and the user. However, Cronje said that DeFi applications are decentralized and open systems due to their nature and defined this opening as a “double-edged knife”.

Is he the “one man” for Yearn Finance?

Cronje, literally the inventor of Yearn Finance, said that Yearn is no longer “under his control”. Stating that Yearn Finance has turned into a huge ecosystem, Cronje gave the message “I am not in control of Yearn Finance”. The famous name’s comments about Yearn were as follows:

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“I am very happy to be a part of such an amazing thing. But I didn’t create Yearn. Consider how big the Yearn Finance ecosystem has grown; dozens of websites, forums, tools developed, Telegram groups opened and the work done on GitHub… I did not do any of these. I am a serial prototype developer and I will continue to be… The members of the Yearn team are way more talented than I am. Those who think that I manage and control Yearn Finance are doing the project unfairly. ”
He gave the good news of new projects

Cronje, who admits that he made mistakes in the past, also made some statements for the future. Talking about his Yearn Finance and Eminence experiences, Cronje announced that he will work on new projects. “I have many more project ideas in mind now compared to three months ago,” said Cronje, adding that he needed new teammates to bring them to life.

Although Cronje did not give much detail about these projects, he made a comment on Ethereum and said that he did not think that ETH will disappear. Cronje also emphasized that some of the projects it will develop will be “useful” and some will fail.


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