Yearn Finance is now even more expensive than Bitcoin


The total locked-down value of, which increased its value by 12,400 percent in 1 month, reached $ 1 billion. YFI coin, the rising star of the DeFi world; While it was traded at $ 5,000 just a week ago, it is now trading at $ 13,000.

In mid-July, entered the market rapidly as one of DeFi’s new projects, defined as the decentralized finance world. The ecosystem allows multiple DeFi projects to be used at the same time, allowing easy passive income. The road it has covered in a short period of 1 month, which cannot be underestimated, has managed to increase its total locked value (TVL) by approximately 12,400%.

With a statement made on its official Twitter account today, announced that its total locked-in value has exceeded $ 1 billion. The team also revealed the most profitable protocols. While yUSD 91 million; yUSDC, yTUSD, yDAI and yUSDT fixedcoins followed.

YFI Coin Overtakes Bitcoin

YFI, the governance token (management token) of the protocol, seems to have been positively affected by these developments. When it was launched approximately 1 month ago, YFI’s assets under management (AUM) were $ 8 million. YFI, which is in the top 50 on the list of most valuable crypto coins, broke its own record yesterday and traded at around $ 16,000. The digital money, which was approximately 31 dollars when it first entered the market, is now being bought and sold on the 14 thousand dollar band.

See Also (YFI) Forces Bitcoin's (BTC) Price Record

With a market value of $ 428 million, YFI broke a record since 2016, becoming the second altcoin to be traded with multiple Bitcoins. Although it cannot be compared with the current situation of YFI, the first altcoin to exceed the price of Bitcoin was ZCASH, which achieved this about 4 years ago. ZCASH had increased its value to approximately 3200 BTC immediately after its launch. In 2016, the Bitcoin price was on the average of $ 567.


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