Yarntown: this is the mix of Bloodborne and Zelda in 2D; free on PC


The game, available free on Itch.io, is a kind of demake of From Software’s work with two-dimensional The Legend of Zelda elements.

Yarntown has become one of the sensations of the independent scene in recent days. Published on the itch.io platform for PC totally free, this video game developed by Max Mraz takes elements from Bloodborne and The Legend of Zelda in its two-dimensional pouring. The goal is clear: pay tribute to FromSoftware’s two-dimensional work by borrowing some of the most distinctive mechanics from the Nintendo series.

The result is called Yarntown, a clear nod to PS4 title city Yharnam. Contrary to what it may seem, it is not a small demo inspired by Bloodborne but a complete video game with even confrontations against final bosses (specifically, Father Gascoigne and Beast Cleric), scenarios of medium opening, diverse enemies and mechanics like normal attack, loaded, somersault as a dodge or even attack from a distance while using the pistol.


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