Yar nam from Bloodborne is recreated in a beautiful mega Minecraft build


Bloodborne can already be considered one of the most amazing games in the last ten years, but one fan took it upon himself to recreate this beauty in Minecraft.

According to PC Gamer, YouTube and Reddit user Potomy makes his way through the streets of Yarnam, creating objects such as the Astral Clock Tower, the Joseph Clinic and other iconic locations from the game.

Potomy also uploaded time-lapse videos of the aforementioned buildings, demonstrating the creation of huge structures from start to finish. It took from five to six hours to create the Astral Clock Tower, and from four to five hours to create the Josefka Clinic.

Potomi has also been creating more standard (though still very impressive) Gothic buildings from Bloodborne and plans to eventually put them all together to completely recreate the whole of Yarnam.

For those who want to experience a vacation not only through photos, Potomi also said that he will release a world map as soon as the project is completed. Although there is no time frame when this may happen, progress can be monitored on the aforementioned Reddit and YouTube accounts, as well as on Twitter Potomy.

Bloodborne was released and received fantastic critical acclaim back in 2015, and it seems that its popularity has only grown over time. This Minecraft project is just one of the ways fans interact with the game, as Bloodborne also becomes an unofficial clone of Mario Kart, was deformed as a PlayStation 1 game, and data was widely mined for cut content, including one incredibly powerful boss. .

Bloodborne by Potomy in Minecraft Mega Build

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