Yaoyao Guide — The Best Weapon Assembly and Artifact Assembly for Yaoyao in Genshin Impact


Yaoyao has been very much awaited since her teaser in 2020. Now she is officially in the game with Genshin Impact version 3.4. Do not take her small size for granted, as she is quite capable of protecting herself and her team. Whether you want her to complement your chibi team or just get another Dendro applicator, in this Genshin Impact guide we will discuss Yaoyao, her abilities, weapons and artifact assembly, as well as her ideal team lineups.

Overview of Yaoyao’s abilities

Yaoyao is a 4-star Dendro spearman and a character who specializes in support. This is thanks to Yuegui, a device that a certain adept made to help Yaoyao. Her elemental skill, the Heavenly Cluster of Raphanus, causes her to throw Yuegui into the field. This is similar to Ember’s “Baron Bunny” or “Fishl’s Oz”, where players can either touch a skill or hold it. By holding it, she can aim wherever Yuegui goes. As soon as Yuegui is on the battlefield, he will throw a radish made of white jade, which will damage the dendro to enemies or heal allies. The white jade radish will explode as soon as it comes into contact with the target, or after some time. He will prioritize healing allies who have less than 70% health before attacking enemies.

Her Elemental Burst, Moonjade Descent, deals AOE damage to the Dendro around Yaoyao, and also strengthens the radish from White Jade. Now they heal all the closest members of the group and instead deal spontaneous explosive damage. In addition, yuegui will be called at certain intervals, so that up to three yuegui can be on the field at the same time. These yuegui will also throw white jade radish. In addition, Burst also increases the movement speed of Yaoyao and Dendro RES.

In fact, Yaoyao is a Dendro applicator outside the field. Players can cast her yuegui and then switch to another character to apply elemental reactions. However, if a player uses the Yaoyao Elemental Explosion, he will have to stay on her to take full advantage of her Explosion, since the yuegui thus summoned will disappear as soon as she leaves the field.

Both Yaoyao’s Elemental Skill and Elemental Explosion depend on her maximum HP.

The Best Weapon Assembly guide for Yaoyao

Staff of Homa: Since you will most likely be increasing HP on Yaoyao, a 20% increase in HP from Staff of Homa will work well with Yaoyao. Not only that, but also provides an ATK boost depending on your maximum HP. The only drawback of this weapon is that you will not be able to use the second passive ability of the weapon, which further increases your attack at a health level below 50%. This is because Yaoyao’s elemental skill will definitely continue to heal your character up to 70%. Not only that, but since Yaoyao is more of a support character, you won’t attack using her anyway, so the ATK boost might just be wasted.

Black Tassel: A black tassel may not be the first weapon you think of when you need to choose a spear, and that’s fine. His weapon skill is mostly useless as it just increases your damage against slimes. However, an important part of the Black Tassel is its additional characteristic, that is, HP. The black brush of the maximum level gives 46.9% health. In addition, it is the only Spear that gives HP% as an additional characteristic (unlike the Staff of Homa, which gives it through the skill of weapon ownership). If your goal is to maximize her HP, then Black Tassel will be your best choice.

Favonius Lance: If you plan to make the most of Yaoyao’s Elemental Burst, then Favonius Lance is also a good alternative. Energy recharge combined with the spear weapon skill can potentially help you power up her Spontaneous Explosion. The only problem is that due to your most likely low chance of a critical hit, you won’t have many chances to use the weapon skill. Most likely, you will have to rely on other sources of energy and just hope that charging energy will compensate for this.

The Best Guide to Artifact Collection for Yaoyao

A set of 4 items “Perseverance Millelite” — “Perseverance Millelite” is a good set of artifacts for Yaoyao, as it increases her health by 20%. Not only that, but since you will often use the Yaoyao Element skill, you will be able to reliably use the 4-part bonus. This increases your character’s ATK by 20% whenever an enemy gets hit by a White Jade Radish. If you also have a shield, it will also strengthen their shields by 30%. This set of artifacts strengthens your team and at the same time improves Yaoyao’s healing and damage. With this set of artifacts, try to get HP% for the Sands and the Cup, as well as a Healing Bonus for the Tiara. If necessary, you can exchange sand or a cup for energy recharge.

4 Deepwod Memories Items — This set of artifacts is good when you want Yaoyao to choose a more offensive path with her support. Her healing won’t be as high with this set of artifacts, nor will her damage from Elemental Burst. However, the Dendro damage bonus can compensate for the missing damage. Not only that, Yuegui becomes a Dendro applicator that lowers the enemy’s Dendro RES. Of course, if you are going to run this set of artifacts, you will need to customize the Yaoyao weapon. Dragon’s Bane and Favonius Lance are good options. Try to get a boost of energy and mastery of the elements when using this set of artifacts.

Team Composition Guide for Yaoyao

Yaoyao is very flexible in terms of team lineups, as she can fit into any Dendro team. You can put her in a Quicken team with two Electros and another Dendro character to act as a support and healer off the field. An example of this would be a team with Yaoyao, Fischl, Beidou and any other Dendro characters. You can also put her in Bloom’s team with two Hydro characters and another Dendro character. A good example of this are Yaoyao, Nilou, Collei and Xingqiu. Finally, if you don’t have many 5-star characters, you can run the basic Spread-Hyperbloom team, which includes Yaoyao, Lisa (or Beidou), Colley, and Xingqiu.

This is all about our guide to the best weapons, artifact sets, and team lineups for Yaoyao in Genshin Impact. To find out more gaming news from us, you can check out our news articles about games.


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