Yankees lose star pitcher due to elbow fracture: Fan reaction


Michael King, one of the best pitchers of the Yankees, suffered a fracture of the elbow of his right hand serving the ball.

Because of this devastating injury, King will miss the rest of the 2022 season.

The 27-year-old Middle was in the midst of his best MLB season to date, posting a 6-3 record after a career-low 2.29 ERA and a career-high 66 outs. He has pitched 51.0 innings in 34 games this season.

The MLB world reacted to this disappointing news for King and the Yankees on Twitter.

“The news about Michael King is terrible. Just heartbreaking for a guy who has a breakthrough year. A huge opportunity for Ron Marinaccio and Clark Schmidt, not for Arolid Chapman. wrote.

“Because of Michael King’s injury, Jameson Taillon said that despite the win, it was a “gloomy” Yankees club. It definitely seemed to me,” Yankees insider Brian Hoch reports.

“Definitely the worst day of the season. Michael King was a huge reason for the success of this team, and he also dropped out before the end of the season. I feel fucking awful for him,” one fan wrote.

“It’s hard to calculate how big a blow Michael King’s injury was for the Yankees. I feel for King, who was in the middle of an incredible season, establishing himself as one of the best pitchers in MLB. The All—Star game too,” said another.

Hopefully King will eventually be able to return to the stellar form he achieved before he suffered this devastating injury.


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