Yanet Garcia used social networks to issue a strong message


Yanet Garcia received a series of messages via Instagram that pushed her to record a video where she is seen as natural and freshly raised, enjoying the company of her pet. However, the final message of the images was much deeper than it seemed.

According to the one born in Monterrey , she received multiple messages from girls and young people who wanted to know how to deal with insecurity in times of social networks.

True to her style, Yanet echoed and began a network release highlighting the differences between the physical and the spiritual, what can be trained and what comes from the factory.


In that sense, the 29-year-old model assured that everything goes through a question of attitude, in knowing how to show and reflect internal security.

“The bearing comes, in some people, from the factory but many of us were not born with that and we must train it”; explained the former girl from the weather of Televisa .


“When we manage to work from the inside it is because we managed to see ourselves amazing through the security we transmit while being good with oneself,” reflected Lewis Howes’ girlfriend .


This is how Yanet GarcĂ­a continues to position itself as one of the main Mexican references in the fitness world.

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