Yanet Garcia stole all the attention of the networks with this photo


It passed! Yanet Garcia showed her charms upside down on a table, isn’t that much?
The presenter stole all the attention of the networks with this photo.

Yanet Garcia returns to the fray with everything, and to make it clear that her intention is to always be above all her colleagues, she made a spicy publication again.

Known as “the weather girl” in Mexico, she enjoys showing off her day to day through her Instagram account, and inspiring her followers with motivating words.


Currently, Yanet has more than 12 million fans in its social network, to which she often gives these types of postcards so that they die of love for her.

In the recent post, Garcia was seen wearing a pink outfit that exposed her butt. The presenter’s fans could not contain her emotion at the suggestive photo.


“I can’t stop thinking about you,” Yanet wrote in the publication, thus generating the imagination of all her people to fly and wake up countless fantasies in them.

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