Yanet Garcia in the last month photos


Yanet García is the presenter of the most sensual and famous climate of the small screen, with her charisma and her sexy figure she managed to get a lot of fans who in her social networks do not hesitate to tell her how good she looks in the photographs she shares .

And this last month it seems that she was very active for the driver because she had thousands of likes in the publications she made. We leave you the 5 that most caught the attention of their fans.

Yanet shared an image where he appears showing his buttocks in a sensual way, the photograph accumulated more than 870 thousand likes.

2 Recently Yanet introduced her dog “Mamacita”, who has accompanied her in different photographs and looks very tender.


3 One of the locker rooms he used in Hoy was particularly striking when he saw himself with a minishort and boots that aroused passions.


4 With a sporty outfit, the weather girl showed a photograph from a balcony, without a doubt the sport style is phenomenal.


5 One of the photographs with which he received the month was one of the most liked. In the image she appears with her red dress on her back and with a sexy look that left her followers very much in love.



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