Yanet Garcia Flaunted Her Leggins And Revolutionized Guadalajara


Yanet Garcia flaunted her leggins and revolutionized Guadalajara. Simply the best! The influencer said present at a fitness expo where she demonstrated her skill.

Yanet Garcia continues to consolidate as one of the main influencers in the world of sports and healthy habits, with more than 12 million followers on Instagram.

The model born in Monterrey participated in the Sport Expo in Guadalajara along with several referents of the fitness world in Mexico and flaunted her leggins every time she had to go on stage.


As if that were not enough, Yanet has been part of FitPlan App for months, an application where it shares its exercise routines, among other details.


Happy for the recognition during the Expo, the weather girl shared several postcards, especially thanking everyone who attended for a photo with her.

Having the networks as a sounding board for all her work, the 28-year-old Mexican replied each of her fans’ postcards and assured them that her mission is to “inspire them.”


Meanwhile, Yanet Garcia receives the effusive praise from Lewis Howes, a former football player, proving that the rumors about an affair with Raúl Araiza were nothing more than that.

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