Yanet Garcia boasts her rearguard on the beach and teaches more


The former weather girl and model Yanet García shared through her Instagram that she enjoyed a spectacular beach afternoon and shows us her great rearguard

The influencer and former driver Yanet García shared on her Instagram account a photo showing her rear guard enjoying a beautiful Sunday on the coast of California, where she resides after having abandoned her driving with Televisa.

This publication surprised more than one in just one day of sharing the photograph where it seems very comfortable lying on the sand on some towels and to everyone’s surprise, your pet goes out with her enjoying and taking her rear guard as a pillow .


The publication that Yanet shared with all her followers caused a sensation immediately and so far has more than two hundred thousand likes.

This is one more image with which her followers have filled it with compliments and compliments to the beautiful Yanet showing her envy towards the puppy where they write that they would like to be her.

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“I would like to be signed “,” What a soft pillow “,” Whoever was a dog “,” What envy of the dog “,” What luck of the puppy “,” How I would like to be the puppy “, are just some of the comments that accompany the publication .”


The young model wore in the image a pink fuchsia bikini and a very tight denim mini shorts that of course has made social networks burn, as it shows her fiery curves .

The “Climate Girl” puppy seems to have her own Instagram that is of course managed by Yanet and there she shares every detail of her pet’s life, whose name is Mamacita.


It was undoubtedly her dog who stole the prominence in that image, because apart from being a cute pet , she won the envy of apparently all her followers.

This would not be the first time that the famous Yaneth García falls in love and fills her followers with emotions because with each publication she shares in her networks they fill her with flattery towards her sculptural and beautiful body.


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