Yandex detected thousands of data leaks


Russian search engine Yandex has detected a major data leak. The company announced that data belonging to 4,887 e-mail addresses were passed on to third parties. It was admitted that the cause of the vulnerability was one of the employees.

Big security flaw from Yandex

Yandex security department announced that it detected a leak of various data of 4,887 email addresses. “During an internal investigation, it was discovered that an employee was gaining unauthorized access to third parties’ mailboxes. This employee was one of three system administrators with the necessary access rights to provide technical support to the service, ”he said. Claiming that access is blocked in a short time and prevents leakage, Yandex states that e-mail users should renew their passwords.

Police and company launched an investigation. In addition, Yandex apologized to all users due to the security gap and stated that it will take serious measures against such leaks in the coming periods. He also underlined that it will take some steps towards reducing human control on important issues such as data protection.


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