Yana Kramer congratulated ex-husband Mike Kossen on Father’s Day


Co-parenting in all its glory. Jana Kramer put aside any drama she might have with estranged ex-husband Mike Kossin to wish the father of their two children a “Happy Father’s Day.”

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“The silver lining is always our children and the love we have for them,” the former football player, 35, and daughter Jolie, 6, a 38—year—old graduate of One Tree Hill, signed on Sunday, June 19, in an Instagram story. Happy Father’s Day to my kids’ dad [sic] and all dads.”

The actress and athlete, who also have a 3-year-old son, Jace, had a notoriously difficult marriage that began in 2015 and ended when Kramer announced he was leaving for good six years later. The two spoke openly about the problems of their relationship over the years, including numerous incidents in which Kossen confessed to cheating on his then-wife. (In 2019, the former secret end shared that he has a sex addiction.)

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After years of forgiveness and trying to overcome obstacles, Kramer announced her breakup with Kossen via Instagram in April 2021.

“The time has come.” When I try to understand the reality that I never wanted to believe would be possible again, these words have now become reality,” she shared. “I fought with all of you. I loved very much. I have forgiven. I made an effort. I gave everything I had, and now I have nothing more to give.” She added: “I will always encourage you to continue the good fight, but you cannot fight it alone.”

A month later, Kramer revealed on an episode of her podcast “Whine Down” that her goal was to stay with her ex for the sake of their children.

“I didn’t want to break up the family. The whole point was that I didn’t want it for the kids. I stayed for the sake of my children, even when other things happened,” she explained at the time, adding: “I worked too hard for it to end this way.” However, she saw mistakes in her thinking and understood that it was wrong to stay in an unhappy marriage just to “keep [their] family together.”

The podcast host told how hard it would be for her to send Jolie and Jace to their father’s house for the first time. “I will be destroyed. That’s not what I wanted. That’s not what I’ve been working for. That’s not what I fought for,” she said. “And it’s not fucking fair. And that makes me angry.”

During the year, Kramer talked in detail about her relationship with Kossen, which was not always easy.

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It’s “hard,” she told Us Weekly exclusively in October 2021, explaining how she’s trying to keep the peace. “I just bite my lip a lot,” she admitted. “The children deserve us to be happy next to each other.”

Kramer also praised Kossen for his role as the father of their children. “He’s a great dad,” she told Us a month earlier, adding, “He knows I’m a good mom.”

In May, the actress gave her Instagram followers the best advice about raising children together: “My advice is to focus only on children,” she wrote then. “Don’t interfere, other than that. The less communication, the better.”