Yamaha to launch dual-suspension electric mountain bikes


Yamaha’s line of electric bikes will have, from August, two new members, aimed at mountain biking fans. These are the YDX-MORO and YDX-MORO Pro, which have a removable battery and double suspension system for greater comfort in any terrain.

They have an electric motor installed at the bottom of the frame, which when activated, can assist pedaling on the most challenging trails. The propellant reaches up to 32 km / h speed, according to the Japanese manufacturer, and offers five assistance modes.

In Eco, Standard, Alto and MTB modes, the new PW-X2 engine reaches 120 rpm. In EXPW mode, which must be activated when the user needs more assistance, the power increases to 170 rpm, generating greater battery consumption.

The engine operating modes of the new Yamaha e-bikes can be triggered manually, via a button on the handlebars, or automatically. In the latter case, a sensor system identifies the conditions faced by the cyclist, according to changes in the speed of the bicycle, and activates the most appropriate assistance mode for that situation.

Removable battery

The motor of the YDX-MORO bikes is powered by a 500 Wh lithium-ion battery, which is located in a cage-like structure, helping to protect it in case of falls and minor accidents along the way.

Regarding autonomy, the brand has not yet provided further details. But an advantage of this type of structure is that it facilitates the removal of the battery, allowing the cyclist to take extra batteries for the ride and change them, if there are no outlets nearby to charge them, and can use the aid of the engine for much more time.

The new YDX-MORO electric bicycles from Yamanha will be launched in August, when the manufacturer will disclose all specifications and prices for each model.


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