Yamaha prepares new ‘125 cc’ E01 electric bike


The automaker Yamaha will expand the company’s electric vehicle line soon. The next launch in the line of two-wheel vehicles should be a scooter, the E01.

According to Electrek, Yamaha has initiated procedures to approve the E01 trademark with the European Union Intellectual Property Office, the European body responsible for patents and copyrights.

This name is not unknown to the public that follows the company’s advances in the sector: E01 is the model of a conceptual electric scooter presented in 2019, during the Tokyo Motor Show, when it was just a concept and proof of technology. Now, apparently, it will be launched as a commercial vehicle.

The Yamaha E01 is a scooter with power equivalent to 125 cc with a focus on urban environments and short commutes, such as commuting, for example. Previously, she has already announced the 50 cc e-Vino and an electric motorcycle for motocross practice.

For now, there is no date for the launch or the beginning of sales, but the activation of the brand only happens in May 2021, which means that eventual announcements will be made only after this period.


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