Yamaha launches electric scooter with Vespa style design


The Japanese Yamaha shyly begins to enter the segment of motorcycles and electric scooters: its latest launch, the e-Vino, is an EV version of the Vino scooter, widely used in Asia, with 50 cc moped power.

The e-Vino is small, with a single seat and was designed for short urban trips. It is a light electric vehicle, weighing 68 kg, without the battery. With a battery (500 Wh) installed it goes to 74 kg. But there is the option of adding a second battery, to double the range.

This option may be necessary, as the autonomy of each battery is only 29 km. However, it is important to note that these calculations are made using a speed of only 30 km / h, and the pilot’s weight is estimated at 55 kg. That is, they are somewhat unreal parameters for everyday life.

Using e-Vino on a daily basis

Yamaha e-Vino is designed for small urban trips, like going to school or the market. For these routine tasks, the 58 km range seems sufficient. Not to mention that, although a little slow, the recharge time of 3 hours can occur while the person is doing their tasks, as the small batteries are easily removed and charged indoors.

The e-Vino motor has 580 W continuous, but it can trigger the impulse function to climb uphill for example, which increases the power up to 1,200 W for 30 seconds. In other words, the e-Vino is not a vehicle for racing (its maximum speed is 44 km / h), but it can be a very useful tool to escape traffic jams, in addition to being economical and a zero pollutant emissions solution.

The new e-Vino electric scooter has just been launched on the domestic market in Japan, but has already received a European patent, which means that it may be traveling through the countries of the European Union soon.

The launch price is US $ 2,280, about R $ 12,700.


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