Yakuza will make the leap to the cinema


Sega Announces One of Its Most Popular Sagas to Land on the Big Screen with 1212 Entertainment and Wild Sheep; scriptwriters wanted.

New video game projects continue to arrive, making the leap to the big screen with their own live-action film adaptations; so much so, that Sega has announced that its popular Yakuza saga will be the next IP of a video game that will have its own adaptation in theaters, all thanks to a film that will have the collaboration of the Japanese firm itself together with the production companies 1212 Entertainment and Wild Sheep Content.

Writers Wanted

At the moment there is no information about the plot or story that this new Yakuza film will adapt, although it is expected that it will star Kazuma Kiryu, a complete Sega icon who carries numerous installments of a saga that will soon receive his seventh numbered video game entitled Like a Dragon, yes, this time without Kiryu as the protagonist and taking advantage of the occasion to give a twist to its gameplay.

Be that as it may, those in charge are already looking for scriptwriters to write the story of this new Yakuza film adaptation; For now, Wild Sheep’s Erik Barmack has already shared his enthusiasm for the project: “Yakuza offers us a new playing field in which to establish compelling stories with complex characters in a unique setting for an audience that has rarely seen it. before. The Kazuma Kiryu saga also has a unique cinematic appeal: a mix of action with hints of comedy, multiple converging stories and a gripping journey to redemption. With our experience in telling global stories, we are excited to bring this huge project to platforms around the world. ”

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