Yakuza Like a Dragon: recreating characters in cosplay


Yakuza Like a Dragon was one of the best games of 2020, and the journey of Ichiban and his friends marked all those who were lucky enough to experience this modern SEGA classic, like this talented group of cosplayers:

In this humorous essay can we see Enyen as Kasuga, Mr. G and Ms.? like Nanba and Adachi, SenYeYeZi like Saeko, SHUN ?? ? like Zhao, and Lun ??? TW_cosplayer like Joon-Gi.

If you liked their work and want to see more photos, here are the facebook profiles of Enyen, Mr. G and Ms. ?, SenYeYeZi, SHUN ?? ?, and Lun ??? TW_cosplayer.

Have you played the latest chapter in the series? What did you think of him and those cosplays? Tell us in the comments below!


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