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Yakuza: Like a Dragon is about to arrive. Today, November 4, the embargo on the analysis of the new SEGA title jumped, but ours will take a few more days to arrive. While Ramón Méndez continues with the review underway, we want to show you some of the first minutes of the title running on Xbox Series X. Gameplay where we try not to show relevant spoils. You have the video in question heading this article.

The game has been captured in its normal mode, which initially broadcasts at 1440p resolution and aims at 60 frames per second. The title has another higher resolution mode, which aims at 4K and locks the fps at 30. The normal mode, due to the performance it offers in motion and the detail in the resolution, seems to us the best option for a title It is seen and played in a very fluid way, and it shines especially at night, when the streets of Yokohama give way to billboards and neon lights.

As you know, the seventh main installment of the saga takes a leap and changes the register, going to turn-based combat in which we will have dynamic elements, magic and also invocations -or something similar- while we enter the skin of Ichiban Kasuga, protagonist of this installment. As you could see in our preview, also captured on Xbox Series X, the game has a deep job system with different characteristics and abilities, a plot that grows with each chapter and the most charismatic characters.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon officially goes on sale on November 10. Our analysis will be ready before it goes on sale.

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