Yakuza gets PC enhancements thanks to fan patches

Incredible as the Yakuza franchise may be, its fans know well that the older games in the series have some technical issues that hinder a little fun on computers.

With that in mind, a modder called Silent last week released a patch for Yakuza 3 and 4 that dramatically improves the game’s performance, making it use less machine CPU, as well as preventing the game from crashing when players end a showdown using a heat stroke.

The most curious thing is that shortly after that SEGA itself released an official update that solves exactly the same problems! This motivated Silent to work on even more improvements, now offering a patch to improve Yakuza 5.

Thanks to his work, it is already possible to enjoy the game with less crashes, without problems of dynamic resolution and with less CPU usage. If the recent past serves as an example, it should only be a matter of time before SEGA applies an official update with the same improvements.

Have you tried the Yakuza series? What is your favorite game in the franchise? Comment!

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