Yakuza 6 Features Dead Characters in Camera Shots


Yakuza 6 is another game that allows the player to use a camera feature to record some important moments throughout the adventure. However, some Reddit users have started noticing some slightly paranormal events in this feature: the appearance of some dead characters.

As you can see below, a player mentioned that in Yakuza 6: The Song of Life it is possible to see a mysterious figure in their images whenever they are captured in the New Serena bar. They are very similar to those that usually appear on horror sites and the like, and may even cause some scares when checking the result.


After analysis, some community members reported that the face in question might be Akira Nishikiyama, who was a friend of Kazuma Kiryu. However, this is not the only one to appear that way, as other “people” can show their faces depending on where the photo is taken.

If you are interested in this paranormal activity, it is reported that there is a need to have a photo of the character in question and then try to find them in the afterlife in Kamurocho and Ono Michi. You can get 10 of them in total, so good luck hunting.