Yahoo Answers: ‘House’ of Many Memes Will Be Disabled This Tuesday (04)

Yahoo Answers: As previously announced, the infamous Yahoo Answers will be deactivated on Tuesday (4). One of the oldest question platforms on the internet, the service was home to several creative questions – and many memes.

Interested users will be able to download the content sent to the forum until June 30, 2021. After that date, all material will be permanently deleted.

Created in 2005, Yahoo Answers has become very popular with internet users. Although it had a lot of bizarre content, the platform was always highlighted in search engines like Google.

However, it was losing relevance after the emergence of large targeted forums like Reddit. This factor was pointed out by Yahoo itself as the main reason for the discontinuation of the question and answer service.

Another aspect that indirectly influenced the closure of Yahoo Answers was the fight against disinformation. Without a filter or moderation, the space has started to host various materials of extremist and conspiratorial content in recent years.

How to download data on Yahoo Answers?

As said, users can save their own Yahoo Answers publications. To do this, they must follow the following steps:

Access the Yahoo account;
Go to the “Privacy Controls and Dashboard” area;
Search for the option “Download and view your Yahoo data”;
Then click on “Download my data”.
Choose the “Yahoo Answers” option and click “Next”.
Register the e-mail where the data will be sent.
Then, click on “Request Download” and then “Done”.

The uploaded files will be in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format and can be opened in plain text editors. The data will be available for download up to 30 days after the request.



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