Yacht Missions With The Latest Update To GTA Online


With the Los Santos Summer Special update announced last week and released today, GTA Online players have been assigned yacht missions. However, the rewards offered by the yacht missions did not satisfy the players.

Grand Theft Auto V, one of the most popular games of recent years, owes this success to GTA Online, which constantly gains new content and attracts the player with its existing content. GTA Online, which enables you to experience the GTA world online, includes some real life facts.

For example, one of these facts was that the super yachts in the game only appealed to the rich population, just like in real life. However, the yachts in the game did not have a different function, except for the indicator of wealth, unlike other goods and properties in the game. For example, when you bought a house, you could take advantage of the house by robbing you at home. However, such a thing was not valid for yachts.

Yacht missions have been added to the game:

Rockstar Games announced last week that a new summer update called ‘Los Santos Summer Special’ will come to the game. With that update, it was announced that yacht missions that will eliminate the difference we just mentioned will be added to the game. That day came and the Los Santos Summer Special met with the actors.

The new GTA Online update released today brings brand new and lucrative co-op missions to the game. The new missions that come to the game can be played in co-op as well as solo. In the yacht missions that come into play only with the update, there is an imbalance that attracts the attention of players.

Although these tasks, which make the yachts in the game more functional, provide you with income, they can only cover 1 in 10 of the money you give the yacht. When 6 new missions to the yachts are successfully completed, the players earn the ‘Yacht Captain’ outfit. So what you get from the missions is limited to these.

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With the Los Santos Summer Special update, the only innovation that comes to the game is of course not limited to yacht missions. Rockstar Games has added a few more content to the game with this summer’s biggest update. The most important points of the patch notes shared by Rockstar were as follows:

9 new Open Wheel Races races added
Open Wheel Race Creator added to GTA Online
Eight Adversary Modes for 4-8 have been added to the Diamond Adversary Series
Two new Business Battles have been added. Players will compete in 8+ packs compared to other Business Battles
Added 9 new cars that can be purchased from Southern San Andreas Super Autos or Legendary Motosport site:
Imponte Beater Dukes
Canis Seminole Frontier
Dundreary Landstalker XL
BF Club
Maibatsu Penumbra FF
Benefactor BR8
Declasse DR1
Invetero Coquette D10
Lampadati Tigon
Different versions of the 6 existing vehicles have been added, the vehicles can be customized in Benny’s Original Motor Works:
Manana Custom
Youga Classic 4×4
Glendale custom
Gauntlet Classic Custom
Yosemite rancher
Peyote Custom
The new ‘Stolen Movie Prop Collectibles’ has been added to the game. Players will find 10 movie items and take them to Solomon and they will be rewarded.
Added 2 new Arcade Games (QUB3D and Ax of Fury) available from the Pixem Emporium site
Players can now play against AI enemies in Street Crimes: Gang Wars Edition.
Added 15 new sets of Off-Road Wheels available for purchase from LS Customs
Added 30 new sets of Street Wheels available for purchase from LS Customs
More than 200 new items and outfits have been added to the game.


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