Y: The Last Man – Series Canceled By FX After One Season


Y: The Last Man has just been canceled by the FX channel. The discontinuity of the series was announced this last Sunday, 17, by Eliza Clark, showrunner of the production.

To break the news to fans of the show, Clark made a post on his Instagram account. “We’ve come to the conclusion that we’re not going to move forward with Season 2 of Y: The Last Man on FX. However, never in my life have I been more committed to a story and I know there is still much more to tell,” she wrote.

“The show has a team of brilliant female-led artists in almost every corner of the recording studio. Producers, writers, film directors, designers, costume designers, action coordinators and more. It’s the most collaborative, creative and beautiful thing I’ve been a part of. We don’t want it to end,” Clark continued, indicating that he hasn’t given up on the story yet.

“FX has been an amazing partner. We love working with them and are saddened that YTLM won’t move forward on the network. But we know someone else will be very lucky to have this team and this show. plot”, finished.

No other details about the reason for the program’s cancellation were released by Clark or FX.


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