Y-Brush is on sale


The electric toothbrush Y-Brush, announced in 2018 and collecting donations through massive funding, has finally become available for ordering. Producer FasTeesH is also presenting the Y-Brush at CES 2020.

Introduced by France-based FasTeesH at CES 2019 and brushing teeth in just 10 seconds, Y-Brush is finally ready for sale. The company, whose first announcement was made in 2018 and collected 165 thousand dollars donation through mass funding, managed to train its electric outer brush just before CES 2020. FasTeesH continues to promote the product within the scope of the fair.

Instead of ordinary outer brushes, the Y-Brush with a scrub head similar to an athletic nozzle is connected to a square-shaped power unit. The nylon bristles, which come in contact with the teeth at a 45-degree angle, perform the brushing of the upper and lower teeth in 5 seconds. We put the toothpaste in the mouthpiece and it has three vibration modes. According to FasTeesH, the fully charged battery offers the Y-Brush a month of use.

The company recommends replacing the scrub head every six months. The kit comes with a Y-Brush itself, a USB charging adapter, a toothpaste applicator and a two-cap protection container. The product from which the order can be placed will be sent in March.


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