XXXTentacion: the car in which he was killed is exhibited in a museum!


Murdered in a car, XXXTentacion will not be forgotten anytime soon. The car in which he lost his life is exhibited in a museum.

XXXTentacion has been dead for over a year now. A violent death that surprised everyone. A museum dedicated to his effigy has decided to pay tribute to him. It includes the car in which he lost his life.

XXXTentacion’s career will not have had time to really take off. However, the singer will have marked his era by legendary titles like Sad which totals more than 850 million views. But a little more than a year ago, in June 2018 he suffered a fatal attack by the members of an enemy gang of his own. A sudden death that reinforces his legend.

Like Tupac before him, XXXTentacion left the world of rap without him faster than expected. A violent death that reinforces the legend of an artist who seemed to be one of the best rappers in the world. His audience has grown. So much so that a museum installed in the USA is entirely dedicated to him.

In the Wynwood district of Miami, a museum is based on its image. Between various photos, albums and other objects that trace his life, it includes a piece that seems controversial. The car in which XXXTentacion lost its life was recovered. She remains exposed in this particular museum which meets a great success.

However, this car makes many people cringe. His violent death came to general surprise. The car remains almost intact since the rapper’s death inside. A scene that can shock the youngest and the most sensitive. Deceased at the age of 20, the rapper will surely remain a great legend of rap. And this tragic accident is surely not for nothing.

So, shocked or delighted that this car is staged?


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