XXL! Yanet García launches its new size


XXL! Yanet García launches its new size and the threads can no longer … The pants explode! The TV presenter has a new competition.

Yanet García is one of the most important Mexican artists in her country, but now she decided to take a new direction and, with it, breathe new airs.

And it is that the famous television presenter now works in a television plant in the United States, so she hopes to conquer the new territory in that country.

It is for this reason that the Mexican cheerleader got down to work and appeared in her social networks in a raised way, of those that delight her fans from all over the world.


Yanet García has always boasted of having huge lower limbs that earned her the nickname “The weather girl.” However, on one occasion the fitness influencer, Issa Vega, came to the morning “Today” to make her look ridiculous.

During one of the sections of the program called “Ponte Fit” the instructor Dj Marco presented Issa as “one of the best physicists in Mexico”, however, remembering that Yanet was on the set she added “Along with Yanet García of course”.


Galilea also made the same mistake and presumed Issa’s rear guard, this made the animator Yanet to be visibly uncomfortable since in her social networks she boasts of having the best figure.


But undoubtedly what most evidenced Yanet was when the instructor showed the comparison between an operated butt and an unoperated. “What is the difference between an operated buttock of an unoperated one?” She asked. To which she replied that Issa’s “the muscle, has all the silhouettes worked very well; major and minor, very worked ”, without contemplating Yanet again.


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