XRP Mobility Happening in Asia: 140 Million XRP Transmitted


Although XRP is equally affected by the decline experienced by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it seems to have caught a 10% rise and closed some of its losses with the rally it achieved two days ago.

XRP Whales Moved Again
XRP, which managed to stabilize above $ 0.16 after a long decline, managed to attract attention even during these stagnant days due to the mobility in the network. According to the information conveyed by XRPL Monitor, over 140 million XRP transfers were made on XRP Ledger.

The fact that these transfers took place in the last 24 hours worried the investors more. The fact that most of the transfers were made or directed from South Korea-based Bithumb and Coinone crypto exchanges also raised doubts. Some remarkable loaded transactions seem to have been made through the Japan-based Coinone cryptocurrency exchange.

Although XRP is the third largest cryptocurrency in the world, it is known as one of the cryptocurrencies that play the lead especially in the Asian region in terms of commercial volume. This suggests that Asian whales may have been preparing the ground for a new rise or fall in recent days.

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