xQc Reveals the Hilarious Question That Tyler1 Asked Twitch at a Private Meeting with Streamers


Streaming star FelixxQcLengyel returned from TwitchCon to share news about the meeting of content creators with Twitch staff and how Tyler1 asked a strange question.

TwitchCon has come and gone, leaving visitors plenty of reasons to look back: terrible, bone-breaking falls from a foam pit and incidents with stalkers, and these are just some of them.

During the conference, Twitch streamers had the opportunity to meet with some of the platform’s executives and express their concerns about the promotion of the site.

According to xQc, while many were concerned about advertising on the platform, Tyler1 used this as a chance to achieve the exact opposite.

xQc Says Tyler1 Asked for More Ads on Twitch

During the stream, the former Overwatch League professional explained how everyone in the room was asking for less advertising, wanting the site to do something about its influx.

While this was happening, Tyler1 raised his hand and joked in front of the Twitch CEO, “Bro, can we get a five-minute advertising button, please?”

xQc went on to recall the conversation with Tyler1, explaining: “Three minutes is good, but I need five minutes. I don’t care. People get about 40 hours of free content, watch the fucking ads, fuck.”

While Tyler was joking, Twitch ads were a very controversial topic in the community, and big names like Asmongold and Valkyrae claimed they were “killing” the streaming platform.

This is also due to the fact that Twitch plans to end the 70/30 revenue split for some streamers, instead opting for a universal 50/50 split, citing the operating costs needed to keep the site running.

The reaction even led to IRL streamer JakeNBake calling Twitch president Dan Clancy “out of touch” after meeting with him to discuss an ambiguous change in income distribution.

In any case, at least Tyler1 can find humor in the whole situation, but let’s hope Twitch doesn’t take his joke too seriously and actually introduces another advertising button.


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