xQc Has Finally Broken The Forsen Minecraft Speed Record After a Two-Year Battle


In a tense broadcast on Twitch, xQc finally broke Forsen’s incredible Minecraft speed record after more than a year of training and perseverance.

Despite the fact that Minecraft is primarily a quieter construction game, the high-speed passage of the game is not at all cold. This is a difficult task that requires the perfect seed of the Minecraft world, skills, perseverance and the right knowledge.

All these qualities are undoubtedly present in both xQc and Forsen, as they continue their two-year battle for the right to be proud of the high-speed passage of Minecraft.

On January 4, 2022, xQc heroically won back the title lost to Forsen in April 2021 and set a new record by completing Minecraft in just 20 minutes and five seconds, which is an impressive 32 seconds faster than Forsen’s previous result.

For many years, Forsen and xQc have been breaking each other’s records by just a few seconds. In fact, in April 2021, Forsen is known to have completed the game in just 20 minutes 38 seconds, just seven seconds faster than xQc, which soon after caused several blows to his opponent on Twitter.

Naturally, after he set the record and realized that he was more than half a minute ahead of his opponent, xQc was both relieved and delighted, commenting that he was finally “done with this shit.”

The acceleration was so intense that the popular streamer took off his headphones and slammed them on the table shortly after his success, and then proceeded to express how he was “shaking like hell, dude,” possibly due to pressure. the excitement and how much he wanted to beat Forsen.

Now that xQc is the reigning champion of Minecraft speed races, all eyes are on Forsen to see if he will comment on this issue or try to fight for the title again. He has not yet commented on the victory, despite the fact that xQc tweeted him a video about his success.


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