xQc Gives The Restaurant Server $1,200, and They Can’t Believe It: “Are you lying?!”


Twitch star Felix “xQc” Lengyel left his server a huge tip of $1,200 after he finished eating in a live stream, and she couldn’t believe it.

As one of Twitch’s biggest streamers, if not the biggest, xQc is no stranger to receiving donations and support from its fans with every stream.

At one time, the Canadian received many large donations on Twitch, some of them were real, and some were smaller. Although he also handed out large wads of money, sometimes even buying his fans Christmas gifts.

Well, his computer was struggling to boot up after his broadcast on January 18, he decided to break out and have a rare live broadcast, and eventually made the restaurant waiter’s day a huge tip. Although at first they didn’t believe him.

xQc gives the restaurant server a $1,200 tip in the IRL stream

That’s right, the xQc stream from January 19 consisted of going outside and skateboarding, rather than being incredibly disappointed with a new game or constant chat instructions in the backseat.

Although, when he went to get food, he needed the help of his chat as a tip. He used a randomizer of numbers to select a number from $1 to $1,200. He landed a little less than the full amount, so he packed up anyway.

The streamer then went to his server and informed her of the massive tip, telling her to keep it for herself. When she checked the massive figure, she was clearly touched, but said: “You’re lying.” So he assured her that it was genuine.

Given that xQc signed the receipt, the tip was genuine and could be withdrawn from his bank account. He left the restaurant shortly after, so there was no dispute about it.

His advice was slightly different from the advice of another streamer who tried to give his IHOP server $400, but received the answer that he could not accept it.


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