xQc Defends Twitch for Being “Out of Touch” Because Streamers Don’t Help


Twitch star Felix “xQc” Lengyel came to the defense of the streaming platform owned by Amazon, saying that streamers would be happy to call it “missing”, but would not provide feedback to change anything.

Over the past few years, Twitch has firmly established itself as a leading platform for live broadcasts, responding to calls from Mixer, Facebook Gaming and even YouTube.

Despite this, streamers have constantly criticized the Amazon-owned platform for various reasons. These include changing the subscription division, introducing more advertising, and tough measures on content such as gambling streams.

These and other changes have led some streamers to say that Twitch is “not aware” of what streamers want. However, xQc protects the platform because no one seems to be offering feedback to change anything.

xQc defends Twitch amid Streamers’ Claims of “unavailability”
The former Overwatch star mentioned this during his March 16 stream, saying that streamers refuse to give feedback whenever Twitch asks for it, creating even more problems.

“People say Twitch is out of touch because it’s easy to preach to the choir and get free approval in the chat because people are already angry at Twitch for a lot of things,” xQc said.

“And then, what would fix it if they’re not in touch? This will be feedback from the creators. Every time Twitch asks for feedback, arranges meetings for feedback, no one says shit, no one shows up, people don’t attend. It’s crazy.”

The Canadian noted that there was a “big meeting” at TwitchCon for streamers to share feedback directly with Twitch executives, but this chance also begged.

“There was a big meeting on Twitch when it was Twitchcon, it was literally an executive board plus streamers of all sizes,” he added. “Everyone was invited, but not everyone came, and when it came time to leave a review, people didn’t say shit.”

Some streamers leave feedback on social networks and in discussions on their channel, but if they do not follow the proper measures, it will always be difficult to make changes.


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