xQc Blasts “Insane” Viewers After Speculation About NYYXXI Relationship


Popular Twitch streamer xQc has targeted his “crazy” viewers for getting too carried away with their personal relationships amid NYYXXI dating rumors.

With an impressive 11.3 million subscribers on Twitch, there is no doubt that xQc is one of the largest streamers on the planet.

However, with such a large audience as he has, there are several drawbacks, for example, viewers are too passionate about their personal lives.

Now the frustrated streaming star has had to lash out at the “crazy” fans who he claims are trying to do everything for him.

xQc strikes at “crazy” viewers

Recently, xQc was spotted with a Twitch NYYXXI streamer, where it was assumed that they were actually dating. However, after the audience began to speculate, he made it clear that in fact the two are not in a relationship, but instead just go on dates and see where things are going, after a clip in which his alleged “girlfriend” NYYXXI kisses another girl in front of his eyes. it went viral.

Since then, many have claimed that NYYXXI is cheating on him, or suggest that xQc is a “puppet”, which led him to some deviation when he criticized his viewers for comments about his personal life during a stream on November 5.

“I swam in the pool all night, got drunk and I don’t even remember half of this shit,” xQc admitted. “I don’t remember half the fucking night, but everyone was complaining and swearing, writing angry comments or something like that, writing stories.

“Bro, I was swimming in the pool, and then I fell asleep. It’s like you’re acting like some kind of defense mechanism,” he added.

“It’s strange to see how everyone is trying to live for me, sympathize with me, think for me, want to act for me. It’s just a weird crazy realm where everyone is trying to do everything for me, like a brother, I’m right here, man, how are you? We’re freezing like hell, I don’t know what’s going on, it’s crazy!

“It’s like everyone is just trying to dictate everything, even how I feel, speak and react to things.”

Many fans have noted and criticized the popular streamer for publicly sharing his personal life with millions, which, according to them, “allows and cultivates parasocial viewers.”

Although, of course, there are boundaries that some fans cross.


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