xQc Abruptly Cuts Off The Broadcast on Twitch Due to “Crazy Free Space” and Worries Fans


Fans of Twitch star Felix “xQc” Lengyel were a little worried after the Canadian streamer was forced to end the broadcast ahead of schedule and revealed that he was in a “crazy” state.

If you’ve ever joined the xQc stream, you know that the former Overwatch League star will broadcast for at least 12 hours. Sometimes it’s not surprising that he stretches this time to more than 20 hours before going offline for a day or two.

He is not one of those who cancels streams after a short stay on the network, and very rarely he leaves the network out of the blue. Well, at least, on their own. There were several times when trolls prevented him from broadcasting a wave of DDOS attacks.

However, this happened a long time ago, so some fans were a little concerned that xQc was forced to leave its stream on November 22 earlier than planned.

xQc fans are concerned that the streamer quit streaming early

The Twitch star was just approaching the 4-hour mark of his broadcast on November 22, when, after repeated interruptions for long phone calls, he had to completely abandon the stream.

“Chat, I’m not going to embellish anything and make things weird, OK, something’s going on, and chat, this is the first time I’ve done this before in my entire career,” he said. “Something is happening that requires my full attention, and I have to pay all my attention to it, I just have to.

“I don’t want to make things weird or weird, I just have to finish and just leave. I’m in a crazy state too. I have to get through this, and we’re fine. I’ve never done this, and I hope you understand.”

His chat was immediately filled with messages of support, in which he was asked to focus on solving the current situation, and not stay on the air. “I hope everything is OK, xqcL,” one of them said. “Hope everything is fine, bro,” another added. “Take care of yourself, dog.”

Although, of course, there were those who wondered why he was jumping out of the stream and wanted answers. They noted that the streamer returned to the conversation in his chat, trying to attract the attention of a fellow streamer M0xyy.

However, the streamer still has some problems to solve, but he can do it when he returns to the air again, given that he worries some fans with a quick departure.


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