Xiaomi’s new gaming laptop Redmi G


It is a fact that manufacturers in the world of technology have their products dispersed by various segments. No matter where they come from, each one allocates its resources to those places where it can stand out. At Xiaomi they do not know those limits and today we bought it with the appearance of the Redmi G, Xiaomi’s new gaming laptop.

A Redmi computer to play

In recent years, computer manufacturers have seen more users looking for a computer that meets their demands. These went through a team thought about power, which kept the claw of a desktop one in the size of a laptop without giving up the most top components. Some have even opened a division focused on these PCs called Gaming and this is the terrain in which Redmi has just entered.

Today we have learned that the Chinese firm will present its Redmi G. on August 14th. The computer is designed for the most gamers, although any user looking for a powerful computer will know how to exploit its capabilities. Its image mimics that of other brands with an aggressive design with straight edges and an air outlet on the side with large gaps. The finish in general will be in matte black and the screen has a thin frame on the sides and the top, while the model of the device can be read at the bottom.

The spec sheet has not been revealed yet and we will have to wait two days for all the data. We cannot forget that the Redmi G arrives under the name of the Xiaomi sub-brand, which we are used to seeing in the low and mid-range in the world of telephony. With this we can deduce that it will be a computer to play with, with good components that will surely not leave you indifferent, but they will not be the top.

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Similar to the Mi Gaming Laptop?

We have to keep one thing in mind and that is that the Xiaomi brand already has its own gaming devices on the market. At this time we saw the Mi Gaming Laptop, a device that by specifications dealt with the strongest in the segment. Inside its structure it mounted an Intel Core i5-9300H in the brain, a configurable RAM from 8 to 12 GB and the possibility of also choosing between an NVIDIA graphics card between the 1660 Ti / RTX 2060. The question now is whether the Redmi G will move between these characteristics or be higher since it has arrived a year later.


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